Supporting technical fields

Supporting technical fields has a strategic importance for us. The closest cooperation we have established with Kolín’s Industrial Engineering Secondary School. Together we have created a whole new degree program that responds to the needs of modern industry. The most important technical universities in the Czech Republic have signed the partnership agreement, under which we offer students paid internships.



TPCArt or Kolín as a gallery – Festival of Contemporary Art – arose from the need to support young artists from the region and to beautify Kolín spaces. Even Kolín people got actively involved in beautifying their city. During two weeks in September 2013, the concrete sides of the new Kolín bridge received a new facade in the form of graffiti wallpaper, the gable of a house was decorated with a large format painting on the theme “recycling”.  A new open-air gallery was established in the Kolín park, where visitors can gaze at art created from materials commonly used to manufacture our cars. Students at the Industrial Engineering High School helped the artists at creating their works of art.


  • The joint exhibition of young regional artists "WE ARE HERE!"
    We opened the festival on the beautiful premises of the Central Bohemian Gallery (GASK) in Kutná Hora. Along with representatives of the gallery, the town of Kutná Hora, Kolín, and our plant, we opened the exhibition of young regional artists titled WE ARE HERE! Until mid-October, GASK visitors had the opportunity to see the work of the artistic hopefuls of our region, attend a lecture on modern art in public spaces by Dušan Brozman or watch movies on a non-traditional approach to the creation of art. The whole show ended in mid-October by a guided tour of the exhibitors.


  • Graffiti jam or Art in a spray
    The very next day after the official opening of the festival, great creation broke out in the streets of Kolín. Graffiti painting professionals and amateurs graced the gray walls of the new bridge as part of the whole day Graffiti Jam. Even the citizens of Kolín participated in the beautification of the landmark. 



  • Festival posters
    We put up festival posters in such a manner to actually catch the attention of passers-by in Charles Square in Kolín and George’s Square in Poděbrady.:)


  • Art workshop for parents with children "Try to create"
    Even our youngest had the opportunity to glance into the mysteries of artistic creation and enrich the festival with their artistic talents. During art workshops "Try to create”, children tried three different artistic directions at three sites. The results of their efforts are very stylish.:)


  • Mural  - Large format painting
    Another harbinger of street art work was the painted mural – large format paintings. Over five days, Lukáš Kladívko and Jakub Štark created a painting on the theme of recycling on the o.s. Space wall. How such work arises could be watched live by the Kolín passers-by.


  • Open-Air Gallery
    The highpoint of the TPCArt festival was the opening of the Open-Air Gallery in the park above Lost Lane. Two Czechs Jan Holub and Jan Kaláb, France‘s Sylvain Sambre and Japan‘s Tets Ohnari created statues exemplifying values that TPCA follows from the parts commonly used for the production of our cars. 
  • Jan Holub
    The first of the four sculptors creating statues for the park above lost lane is Jan Holub. By processing the theme "living here together", he produced a statue of the mythicalbird, the Phoenix. And why the Phoenix? "I received the biggestinspirationwhen I went to visit the carmaker, where Isawsomethingabsolutelyincredible intechnology. In connectionwith whatTPCA does for Kolínand its surroundings,gave me a vision of great will. When I asked myself how todepictdetermination and will, I remembered themythsand legendsthat Phoenix represents," describes Holub.
  • Jan Kaláb
    The second Czech in the quartet of artists was Jan Kaláb. His tree of life represents our attempt to"protect nature". On his statue Kalábcomments: "Through art, people learn greater accountability andresponsiveness. The focus of the sculpture in the form ofthe tree of lifeis something very close to meand I'mglad Icouldcontributeto its style to beautifythe localenvironment. "
  • Tets Ohnari
    The Japanese artist TetsOhnari comments on his work of art: "I was very interested in the synchronizationof small cars, whichareassembled minute by minuteandthus are given theirfinal form. I realizedthat putting thecartogether is as challenging asthe Japanese art oforigami. Hence theinspiration for the work was imitating the production of theToyotaAygo." The statue presenting TPCA as a "responsible company” was titled Process 2013.
  • Sylvain Sambre
    "I'mglad youallowed me to seea very interestingareathatisTPCA. For me it wasa greatexperienceandinspirationin preparingmywork, whichbears thereference"strongandstablepartner of theregion” thanked France’s Sylvain Sambre during the opening ceremony of the open-air gallery. The title of Sambre’s work of art is the pillar of stability.




TPCA Beat Festival

In 2006, Kolín’s Kmoch’s island first resonated with beats from the TPCA Beat festival, which ever since, not only brings to the region another cultural event, but also provides an opportunity for local bands to present themselves. They compare their music alongside famous colleagues. The winner takes away cash that is to be used for recording professional recordings