Footbridge over the Elbe

Both banks of the Labe river in KolÍn will be joined by a unique bridge, to whose construction we have contributed to, for at least a hundred years, which is the minimum service life of the construction. It can be used by both pedestrians and cyclists alike. Its greatest effect was given to them when traveling between two important parts of the city.


In order to improve patient care, we gave the Kolín hospital a donation for which the hospital acquired a superior instrument in examining large and partially small intestines – the colonoscope Q 160 in 2002. Colonoscopy is an important method in the prevention of colorectal cancer (colon = intestine, rectum= anus), where its occurrence in our country is unfortunately at the forefront, not only among European states.


Rescuer´s Day

One of our priorities is safety. So we therefore support Rescue Day in Kolín, which is not only a showcase of the integrated rescue system, but also a social event that is annually visited by more than five thousand inhabitants.

Kmoch´s Kolín

The International music festival of brass bands is the largest festival of its kind in Central Europe. This musical feast has now developed into a large city and regional festival for over fifty years.  


TPCA Beat festival

We do not only support important events, we organize some of them ourselves, for example TPCA Beat Festival.