Sponsorship for employees

Employees are the ambassadors of our social responsibility. Their projects are undertaken by financial support from the so-called Sponsorship for employees. They bring their fellow citizens cultural and sports events (Children's Day, firefighter competitions, Sport Olympics). Not even traditional events and events supporting the history of the region (Staročeský May, Lighting up the Christmas tree, a group of historical fencing the Lords of Kolín) are excluded. Employees equip local primary and nursery schools and encourage creative workshops. The most prized projects are still those that bring us closer to nature and on its protection (Earth Day, planting trees). Or those that help the needy.


Collections and gifts

Every year since 2007, we have organized a Christmas collection where the proceeds always go towards helping the needy. In the past, we were not indifferent to the fate of a disadvantaged daughter of our employee, children of the Kolín Institute for Infants and the Civic Association Volno or of the dog shelter in Kolín. In the last years, we have supported the idea of a charity ​marathon organized by the BC Kolin or the project the Art of Connection at the Central Bohemian Gallery. Together, financial assistance has travelled to those who needed it the most. Our assistance has travelled on well beyond the region. In cooperation with the NGO Člověk v tísni, we organized a special collection for the areas affected by the floods or the tsunami.

We have donated office supplies or redundant PCs to local non-profit organizations, which could no longer be used at TPCA but still had a purpose elsewhere and made people happy. We pleased sports clubs with lockers, which serve Kolín’s sports enthusiasts.