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TPCA celebrates 10 years of production


TPCA Toyota Peugeot Citroen, Kolín’s car plant, officially celebrated 10 years since the start of production in the industrial zone Kolín - Ovčáry. The former presidents and vice-presidents of the car plant as well as the representatives of the region and parent companies all visited this grand event. Included in the ceremony/program was the unveiling of a plaque presenting the factory’s milestones, which shall adorn the factory’s foundation stone placed in front of the entrance onto premises near the three trees planted during the start of production in 2002. These trees — the lime tree, the sycamore tree and the sakura tree symbolize the union of three cultures – Czech, French and Japanese that are joined together at TPCA near Kolín. The plaque for the foundation stone was uncovered by Satoshi Takai and Jean Pierre Chantossel, TPCA’s president and vice-president, respectively, at the time of the start of production.

TPCA for the Kolín region
Other former presidents and vice-presidents presented three new vehicles from Kolín’s production and a cheque for 2.3 million crowns for the regeneration of Kolín’s Kmocha Island. One of the new models shall assist in supervising order on Kolín’s streets and encouraging safe driving on its roads. Kolín’s city police received the new Toyota AYGO. “We are receiving the welcomed gift of the new AYGO — for which we are really excited — exactly at a time when we are approaching the necessary renewal of our rolling-stock. Our cars are really outdated. The AYGO will really help us in expanding our rolling-stock,” stated the director of city police, Viktor Prokeš. The police officers will use the vehicle for regular surveillance as well as measuring speed. “We have the mobile equipment so the vehicle will begin serving immediately after we receive it,” added Viktor Prokeš. Currently, Kolín’s city police have three vehicles for their services, where Toyota AYGO will be a new addition to these three. The city’s safety is watched by a total of 39 police officers.


Another Peugeot from TPCA production, but this time for the first time, the new Peugeot 108, painted in a firefighter’s red and white will begin assisting in the region. “Cars produced at TPCA are certainly not foreign to us. The Kolín station has Peugeots in large numbers. We are really happy with them, we are also glad that we have a unified rolling-stock,” boasts the director of Kolín’s firefighters Vladimír Dynybyl. 27 Peugeots 107 are already being used for Central Bohemia’s firefighting services. “We use them for supervising fires in the country, for surveillance activities, preventative activities. Even the new model will find its use in preventative educational activities, surveillance, fire supervision, meeting with the mayors. It will have a wide range of everyday use. We are looking forward to it, we will immediately put it to use. It will greatly help us,” added Vladimír Dynybyl. “In my opinion, our cooperation with TPCA is exceptional. And it is not only the cooperation and support in this case or this year but throughout the full 10 years that the car plant has been in production,” summed up the director of Kolín firefighters and mentioned the support TPCA has given to the fire station in the industrial zone or last year’s Rescuers Day for which firefighters received 20 vehicles for purposes of demonstrating intervention, education and training.


The new Citroen C1 model is being donated by TPCA to the city’s retirement home in Kolín. Currently, it has nearly 80 clients. It predominantly cares for seniors of 65 years and up and seeks to ensure a dignified and happy life as well as create conditions that are as closely linked to everyday life. The Citroen C1 will aid in fulfilling this motto so that the home will be better able to provide the very important contact with the community or ambulatory or specialist medical care. “The new car from TPCA will really help us. Since we now have more organizations that fall under us, the car will serve not only for employee purposes but also for a wide range of services to our clients, such as transportation to the doctor but even to a social event or if our clients will need to handle various administrative affairs etc. Expanding our rolling-stock will allow us to expand our services. Therefore, we are very grateful and are looking forward to the new Citroen,” quoted the director of the retirement home Ivana Nováková.


Transforming Kmoch Island into a sophisticated, representative space, where all age groups can find something to do is Kolín’s long-term plan. With the occasion of the 10th anniversary since the start of production, the car plant decided to help with the sum of 2.3 million crowns for its development. “We consider it an appropriate and generous gesture worthy of the fact that TPCA has been operating in the region for over 10 years. We are happy and appreciative of the fact that the car plant wants to contribute to the site, which is important for anyone who lives in Kolín. It is a benefit for the whole city,” claimed Mayor Vít Rakušan. The first phase of the revitalization of Kmoch Island shall begin as soon as this year. “Above all, it shall concern a part near the footbridge where there will be amenities - gameplay elements will be added, furniture. Further work on the regeneration of Kmoch Island will be subsequently divided into several phases,” added the mayor. “Thanks to this financial contribution from TPCA, we shall start with the eastern corner of the island, where new paths, a playground and a lighthouse serving as a mini lookout tower will be created. We shall take care of the trees on the island professionally. A process of revitalization of the greenery around the island will be connected to this,” said Deputy Mayor Michael Kašpar. Financial assistance from TPCA shall kick start the changes that in five years could transform Kmoch Island in becoming a center with a similar potential, popularity and visitors that it had during its greatest glory in the First Republic. It will not be a partial intervention without conception, but will involve steps for a unified approach to the island as a whole. Work should be done gradually so that the island is still accessible to the public. Support for the transformation of Kmoch Island is not the first we have done in this area. Along with the celebration since the start of production, we supported the construction of the footbridge connecting the island with the so-called Zálabská side of Kolín with a sum of eight million crowns. The first seed sown into the conception of this overall revitalization was realized with our support, which was the opening of the pier for pedal boats in 2013. We are contributing regularly to the revitalization of Kmoch Island with cultural events such as organizing the TPCA Beat Festival, a competition for new musical groups in Kolín. Since 2008, it is visited by thousands of people every summer.


10 years of TPCA in numbers
Serial production started on February 28th, 2005. In the past 10 years, TPCA has produced a total of 2.57 million Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107/108 and Citroen C1 models. Guests savoured the sweet baked mock-ups of the models made at a ratio of 1:10 created by the famous television pastry chef at the ceremony for the tenth anniversary since the start of production. Photo no. 6 TPCA currently employs three thousand people. Another thousand of new jobs were created for suppliers not only in the Kolín region but also throughout the entire Czech Republic. A full 80 percent of all part deliveries are from the Czech Republic. TPCA has already paid out more than ten billion crowns in wages. Not only due to these above-average earnings is TPCA a significant employer. This is also proven by the fact that more than 700 of our current employees were here since the start of production.


TPCA has paid ten billion crowns into the state budget and more tens of billions have been dissipated by more than 100 suppliers operating in this country. The plant, whose parent companies Toyota Motor Corporation and PSA Peugeot Citroen have invested over 26 billion, have exported more than 99 percent of its production. The economic benefits of this investment significantly exceed the boundaries of Kolín and clearly rank TPCA among one of the biggest companies throughout the Czech Republic.


Apart from employing the Kolín region, TPCA’s also committed to helping with the development of the region. The car plant has donated 105 million crowns to various charitable projects. TPCA Toyota Peugeot Citroen has significantly transformed the region, which has been its home since 2002.