Our priorities



  • Grant program
  • Sponsorship
  • Sponsorship for employees
  • Day of recuers
  • Safety traffic support
  • Preventive medical care centre
  • General practitioner and dentist
  • Month of health
  • Cooperation with Kolin´s hospital

Living together


  • Charitable collections
  • Volunteering
  • TPCA Beat festival
  • Kmoch´s Kolin
  • Grant program
  • Sponsorship
  • Sponsorship for employees
  • Technical fields support
  • TPCArt

Protection of  environment


  • Certification ISO 14001
  • Certification ISO 50001
  • Green factory concept
  • Sponsorship for employees
  • Grant program
  • Green month
  • Responsible employees
  • Production: modern technologies
  • Product: low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Decreasing of enviromental load

Helping to the economy


  • Suppliers development
  • Employment
  • Regional suppliers
  • Stability
  • Know – how sharing
  • Quality and safe product
  • Transparency
  • Code of ethics
  • Bussines incubator
  • Region support
  • Bussines ethic

we are responsible

To produce Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 mini cars and be accountable to all who are involved in our work. To our employees, business partners, customers, and, in particular, the region which has become our home. To this end we launched our activities in the Kolín region in 2005. Since then our social responsibility in our corporate strategy holds its integral place and permeates through all areas of our operation.


Our mission:

To be a good employer, neighbour and citizen of the Czech Republic.


We support:

  • Health and safety
  • Protection of the environment
  • Mutual co-existence
    • Supporting communities, talents and activities in the public sphere
    • Supporting education and technical fields of study


Our principles and value:

  • know - how sharing
  • cooperation with regional NOGs
  • respect others
  • involvement of employees


To be a good employer

Company is people

We value our employees and we care about their health, safety, and personal and professional development. In addition to the wide range of benefits, we offer them diverse activities and organize corporate events. Our employees care for their workplace with so-called Kaizens or suggest improvements within specific working groups in so-called quality circles. They actively participate in events in their place of residence, whether through so-called sponsorship for employees or the participation in projects funded by our grant program. Thanks to charitable collections they help their fellow citizens in need.


To be a good neighbour

TPCA for the Kolín region – Helping where our home is

We are at home in the Kolín region. Home, for us, is a place that we must constantly nurture and cultivate, so we are committed to systematically contribute to its sustainable development. In ten years, we have established cooperation with local non-profit organizations and engaged citizens. Together we deal with projects that make the Kolín region a better place to live. Thanks to the grant program, we care about the environment, transportation safety and community life. We sponsor significant cultural and social events or organize them ourselves. We cater to local talent, promote their continuing education. We also think about technical fields of study. Due to our membership in the local action group Zálabí, we advocate the development of a functioning infrastructure and amenities.


To be a good citizen of the Czech Republic

We are helping the economy

We produce high quality and safe cars that serve our customers. We employ 2,700 employees, of which 75 % are from the Kolín region, 80% of our suppliers come from the Czech Republic. Our activities are transparent. We always act according to the rules of the Ethics codex, which is part of our corporate culture. We are members of Business for Society. We propagate the principles of social responsibility and engage in topics that are crucial in the Czech Republic for ensuring sustainable businesses.

We are a green factory

In the enviromental manner

Our Environmental Responsibility comes out from the nature of our business. Not for nothing, do we pride ourselves in the title of a Green factory. Hidden underneath this title is the ecological production of cars and an environmentally friendly car. We hold the international certificate on Environmental Management EN ISO 14001:2012, EN ISO 50001:2012 and BAT (Best Available Technologies), which serve as proof. Protecting the environment is not just about technology for us, but also about people, their behaviour and their thoughts. Therefore, we try to arouse interest in these topics and educate our employees, suppliers and the general public. Whether it is through professional seminars or projects supported from our grant program or sponsorship for employees program.